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In today’s age of modern mass production, vehicle manufacturers make Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDi) diesel engines fit into many of their different models and variants. This is done to save costs as building new or tuning engines specifically for different vehicle models and variants is very expensive. This means that the basic engine block must have a wide range of reserves to be able to cope with the different add-on parts such as turbo charging with or without intercoolers, differing engine management software installed in some vehicle-models and many others. This simply means that we are all basically driving a “detuned” engine, an engine that has reserve power we can still tap into. This is where RaceChip steps-in, opening the way to tapping these reserves of power and even fuel efficiency up to 1.5L per 100km or less.
With Race Chip Pro, vehicle owners can easily address the decreased Power and Acceleration brought about by the use of CRDi diesel as one’s engine in a vehicle. Both Fuel Efficiency and Increased Acceleration are obtained by using this great product that is now sold in the Philippines.
Race Chip Pro is made available in the Philippines by Bluedynamics Inc., a wholly owned Philippine Company. Bluedynamics Inc. is the only authorized importer of the original German-Made Race Chip Pro. With Race chip Pro, Bluedynamics Inc. aims to help Filipinos “Go Faster” on acceleration, experience a “New High” in their driving experience and gain fuel efficiency.